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  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Sapphic Erotic Kimberly And Pixie
    This is the video that goes with the pictures.

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Teen Nika In Sapphic Erotica Movies
    This is the video we made after the pictures. It is really hot. It was shot continously. The only edit I had to make was when the girls got startled by some idiot belowing a greeting to his comrade out in the hallway.

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Saphic Lesb
    Daniela (blonde) and Louise have a fun time in bed. They make out and go down on and finger each other and do 69. Then Louise fists Daniela and then they use vibrators on each other. Louise double penetrates Daniela with two vibrators. The fisting in the video (coming next) is both hot and romantic (romantic fisting, what a concept!).

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Lesbiens Making Out
    Tropical setting, great outfits, and beautiful Thai lesbians who like to french kiss, finger-fuck and lick each others' pussies. Bliss.

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Sapphicerotica Exclusive Lesbian
    Angelique (long pants) shows Simone how to use a thigh exerciser. They kiss and have sex using their fingers, tongues and a toy.

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Sapphic Panties Movie
    Alexis is working on her laptop and Penny comes in and seduces her.

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Saphic Video Of Valerie Nika And Susana
    Trisha (blonde) and Marcie have sex in the kitchen. They finger and go down on each other and do 69 and also a trib.

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Sapphic Erotic Rene
    Johanna (blonde) wants Demi to go out with her and is trying to pick out a sexy dress for Demi to wear. But Demi wants to stay in and read a book. Johanna compromises by staying in and having sex with Demi.

  • Free Sapphic Erotica Mpegs Sapphicerotica Angelique Video
    Aubrie (white dress) and Arielle make love on a bed. They kiss passionately a whole bunch and finger and lick each others' pussies and do 69. This is another "progressive mode" video, so it is a little choppy.