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  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Mpeg Kimberly Sapphic
    The girls have a 4-way lesbian orgy with fingers, tongues, toys, and passionate kissing. They use toys at the end but forgot to do the anal penetration. Claire is the girl with black hair. Katrina has brown hair. Alice is the pale girl. Susana is the other blonde.

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Sapphic Kiss Photo
    Lisa (on the right) and Tara feed each other breakfast. Then Tara licks butter off of Lisa's ass. Then she puts jam on Lisa's pussy and licks it off. Then Lisa finger fucks Tara and licks her clit and then lets Tara lick her finger. Then they use a toy on each other.

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Sapphic Pussy
    In part 1, they smoke a cigarette, and then Tara plays with herself. In part 2, Swan eats Tara's pussy.

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Kimberly And Nicole Sapphic Erotica Video Sample
    Dianne and Rina start trying on clothes and then start making out. Janine wants to join in. They have a three way orgy using their fingers, tongues, and some toys. They also do some tribbing.

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Sapphic Videos Valerie Susana
    Julie and Lara take turns eating each other out and playing with each others' pussies.

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Sapphic Erotica Kiss Video Clips
    Jo and Sabrina make love on a bed wearing lingerie and high heels. The high heels weren't my idea, but hey, maybe they got too turned on to remember to take their shoes off?

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Sapphic Erotica Kimberly Pics
    The girls have a 3-way orgy in the kitchen.

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Sapphic Erotica Nicole And Alissa Video Mpeg
    Two lesbian amateurs, one busty and the other petite, having sex in the jacuzzi and some in the living room

  • Saphic Erotica Cracks Erotica Models
    Brucie (white top) and Trisha make love on a bed. Neither of the girls had ever done it with a girl before (Trisha had not yet been with Marcie).