Saphic Erotica Kissing

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  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Saphic Erotica Kissing Mpg
    Alexis (taller girl) and Penny kiss and have oral sex and finger each other in the shower.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Saphicerotica Ecom
    This is the video we made after the pictures.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Nika And Jana From Sapphic
    This is the video they made after the pictures. They said they like to talk dirty and use toys in real life. I asked them to tone it down.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Sapphic Erotica Keiko Doing The Right Thing
    Jackie and Klara (blonde) are hanging out in their apartment. Jackie is cooking but she'd rather let the stew burn while she makes love to Klara. They kiss passionately and finger and lick each others' pussies and ass holes.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Sapphicerotica Com Avi
    Wendy (blonde) and Jess have sex all over Jess's room. They finger each other and Wendy licks Jess's pussy.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Sapphic Erotica Exclusive Sapphicerotica Net
    This is a Julie and Lara series that was shot a while back but released non-exclusive fairly recently.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Sapphic Videos Lucie Rene
    This is another almost all strapon series, which makes it not as good as it could be. But Lucy uses the strapon so well, and Josi enjoys it so much that we got it anyway. Plus we think Josi is super cute and couldn't resist her. There is a pretty good kiss at the end.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Sapphicerotica Julia
    Katerina (blue top) and Andrea have sex in the gym.

  • Saphic Erotica Kissing Sapphic Rene Lucie
    This is the third Carla and Lola series. Lola has learned to like licking Carla, and Carla slurps Lola's labia (frame #54).