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  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Maria Sapphic
    Lots of shots of Laura pulling the string of beads out of Ellen's ass hole

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Free Video Kimberly Nicole Sapphic Erotica
    This is the video we made after the outdoor pictures. We shot it inside because of the noisy machine nearby, and also because the clouds rolled in and it got colder and darker. Sandra anilingated Brooke again in the video.

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Sapphic Erotica Festival
    Kim and Nash (red hair) are strippers who enjoy having sex with each other on stage. Here we see them performing in private.

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Lezbian Video
    Alexis (taller girl) and Penny kiss and have oral sex and finger each other in the shower.

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Kimberly And Nicole Sapphic Erotica Videos
    Violet and Mindy (lighter hair) kiss a little bit and undress each other and suck each others' nipples and lick each others' pussies and do 69.

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic From Sapphic Erotica
    Celeste the artist has an appointment with Nora (wearing jeans) to do body-painting on her. It gets a bit out of hand with kissing and then Celeste's clothes come off too and Nora fingerpaints her and then licks her pussy. They then get in the bath and wash the paint off, making the bath water turn a yucky brown color (doh!) and do more kissing and licking.

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Sapphic Nicole Wmv
    Some good 69 in this part

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Sapphic Stories
    Melanie and Kathy (blonde) kiss and go down on each other and share a double dildo. There wasn't a video of this.

  • Teen Lesbian Saphic Sapphic Errotica Free Password
    Julie and Teresa kiss and finger fuck each other. The last clip shows Teresa finger fucking Julie really well.