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    This is the video we made after the pictures. It was my first attempt at shooting hardcore, and my first attempt at handholding the camera. Plus I had a problem with the lights going out. The girls did great. I shot some of the parts very well too, I think. The files are rather large. I experimented with higher res at 15 fps, and also lower res with more compression, but it looked best to me at 352x264 30 fps, which I used. It's a big tradeoff. How to make it good without burdening everybody with enormous files.

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    We think this is the best one. Lola is really having fun now.

  • Valerie Nika Susana Lesbian Saphic Erotica Free Pics
    Sandra (big boobs) and Brooke kiss passionately and go down on each other Sandra also finger fucks Brooke and licks her ass hole.

  • Valerie Nika Susana Lesbian Sapphic Erotica Member Passwords
    Jo (blonde) is showing Sammie her house in the country when one thing leads to another.

  • Valerie Nika Susana Lesbian Sapphic Erotica Free Video Previews
    The photographer shot this totally voyeuristically, as in the point of view of the camera never changes. I'm not sure if it works, but it does add to the suspension of disbelief, I think.

  • Valerie Nika Susana Lesbian Sapphicerotica Lucie Rene
    Cindy (blonde) is helping Jeannie with her makeup and their closeness leads to intimacy.

  • Valerie Nika Susana Lesbian Wmv Lesb
    Angelique (white top) and Gabrielle have a friendly arm-wrestling contest which Gabrielle wins. They start kissing and having sex using their fingers and tongues and also do tribbing. Angelique got a new bikini (not worn here) and shaved her pussy hair into a V to fit it. I don't like that style, but I wasn't there so I couldn't complain.

  • Valerie Nika Susana Lesbian Sapphic Erotica Lucie And Heidi
    Ellen eats Laura's pussy, and Laura puts beads into Ellen's ass

  • Valerie Nika Susana Lesbian Sapphicerotica Gallery Bridget
    Rebekah (white dress) waits for Angie to show up for their dinner date. After she does, they quickly lose their appetites for food and have each other instead. The photography and location are stunning, and the oral sex is hot. They use a silver vibrator too, very well.