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  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Sapphic Erotica Pretty Girls Doing It
    Eva (the eatee in this picture) and Erica make love on a rainy night. They kiss passionately and undress each other slowly. Then they take turns eating each other out and finger fucking each other. We especially like the pictures where Eva arches her back and raises her hips in the air and grinds her pussy into Erica's mouth. We also like the ones (on page 9) where Eva spreads Erica's pussy lips and bears down with her tongue on Erica's clit.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Sapphic Erotica Presents Video
    Erika (red outfit) and Kandi have sex in a really nice-looking hotel room. They kiss some and take turns going down on each other and do 69.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Members Sapphicerotica Com
    Juliet is painting Mallory's (longer hair) fingernails when one thing leads to another. They kiss passionately and lick and finger each others' pussies and use a toy. This was shot before the scene of these girls with Angelique, and it was Juliet's first time with another girl, so she was kind of timid and shy in the pictures, but she loosened up in the video. They do 69 in the video.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Sapphic Erotica Membership Crack
    These six girls attempt to wallpaper a room, but they don't get very far before a lesbian orgy breaks out.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Saphic Erotica Videos Free
    Laura (blonde) and Natasha have sex on a blanket under a tree.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Sapphic Erotic Clip
    Veronica and her blonde friend Steffanie quickly abandon their workout in favor of having sex. Lots of good kisses and really good pussy eating and feeling.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Sapphicerotica Threesome
    This isn't as good as the other lisa and tara series, but it was shot with natural light.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Kimberly And Pixie Sapphic Erotica Clips
    This is the video they made after the pictures. Probably too much toys, but some nice cunnilingus and kissing and fingering too.

  • Valerie Sapphic Erotica Video Laila And Lesbian
    Margaux and Cindy have sex in bathroom.